Society Links and Information

This page includes helpful links that are available to assist in learning more about the society and the various functions that are offered.

stop and smell the roses

Contact information for individuals located in various places in the range of the society: BatchGeoCRInfo

Here is a guide that will assist in understanding what problems may occur when growing roses and what can be done to keep your roses healthy and protected: Problems

This document provides suggestions for preparing roses for the winter and what to do to protect them from the cold winter weather: Protection

This link provides helpful information on rose planting such as when to plant, how deep to plant, what soil mixtures are best, and other helpful suggestions: Rose Planting

This link contains helpful tips from Consulting Rosarians about growing and entering roses: top 10

More information on growing and entering roses: top 10 lists Jan 2001 

2 thoughts on “Society Links and Information

  1. am I still a member of the Milwaukee rose society? I thought I still am. If not, how to I renew my membership on line? James Nehring
    I am looking for a garden center that would sell Graham Thomas rose bush. Do you have any ideas were to purchase. thanks

    1. Hi Jim – good to hear from you! I looked at the current membership roster and you are not on it. Let me work on getting you a renewal form. I just got this web site as an assignment and not sure how to use it yet. Working on making it better! If you can email me with your email address I can make sure to send you the proper form. Diane Sommers

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