Membership in the GMRS is open to anyone interested in growing roses.  Currently we have members with small gardens featuring a handful of roses, as well as those who have hundreds of roses in their landscape.  Our members include those who have just discovered the joy of growing roses and those who have dedicated their gardening lives to these marvelous beauties.

Among our members you will find those who are interested in growing their roses organically while others are more attuned to the use of chemical based protections and fertilization.  Some are rose show exhibitors and others grow their roses for their own enjoyment.  Some of us are bitten by the hybrid teas while others are intrigued by the shrubs or old garden roses.  There is something for everyone in the GMRS.

We offer two types of membership. 
  • One that delivers your monthly newsletter, Rose Scents, in full color by email.
  • One that  offers a black and white version through the US Postal Service.

The GMRS is affiliated with the American Rose Society which offers either a four-month trial membership or a full-year membership.

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