Frequently Asked Questions

Is there something special I should do when I cut roses from my garden? They die after a day in my house.
  • Using a sharp, by-pass style pruners, make a slanted cut 1/4” above a leaf set. Immediately put the stem in water.

  • When you get into the house, remove any leaves that will be below the water level in your vase. Cut another 1/2” off the stem while it is submerged under water. This will prevent air from getting into the stem. Place the stems in a sugar-bleach mix:  one-half cup granulated sugar and two teaspoons of bleach in a two-gallon pail of warm (not hot) water. This mix is basic to the longevity of the roses. The sugar keeps the roses developing and the bleach prevents bacteria from forming and clouding the water.

  • Each day re-cut the rose stems under water and replace the sugar-bleach mix.

  • If the roses should wilt prematurely, re-cut the stems under water, and submerge the rose up to the bloom in warm water for 10-15 minutes. Then submerge it in cold water until it “stiffens up.” Be sure to use the sugar-bleach mix again in your vase.

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