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This page was most recently updated on 3/20/2013
Frequently Asked Questions

Rabbits are eating my bushes. What do I do? (Ditto for deer) 
  • There are so many products on the market:  fences, electric shockers, predator scents, large weaponry, and the list goes on.  You need to find something that works for you; allowing you to get into your garden easily so you can tend the roses, pick them if you want, and not discourage you from growing these beauties. Remember, if something is eating your bushes they’ll keep coming back until you discourage them.

Should I use Japanese beetle traps? 
  • No.  Traps attract beetles.  They will probably stop and dine on your roses before entering the trap.

Will pesticides kill bumblebees?
  • Many will.  Read the labels carefully for warning and alerts.  Then apply the products when the bees are least active.  Remember, you are spraying the leaves and stems of the roses, not the blooms, unless you are spraying for Japanese Beetles.

What causes holes in the leaves
  • There are two main culprits.  Leaf cutter bees make semi-circular cut outs at the edges of leaves.  They are gathering nesting material and this does not adversely affect the bush.  Certain varieties are more susceptible.
  • Rose slugs are the larvae of the sawfly that are like small green caterpillars.  Their color camouflages them on the undersides of leaves and on stems.  These little critters can do a great deal of damage to the rose bush before they pupate to the next life stage.

What causes a hole in the center of a cut cane?
  • A cane borer causes this.  A wasp-like insect lays its egg on the open cut cane.  The larva develops and begins to eat its way down the center of the cane.  If allowed to go far enough it will even penetrate the bud union of the rose and potentially killing the bush. 

Is there a way to stop damage from cane borers?
  • A drop of wood glue, shellac, caulk, or even a quick rub with soil is often enough to deter the wasp from laying its egg. If you have damage, cut the cane, looking for continued damage.  Continue to cut until you find solid wood.  Then treat the newly cut cane