Growing Great Roses
  • Look for Grade 1 roses of quality!  Potted roses should have at least three strong canes showing active growth.  Each cane should be at least 3/8" or greater in diameter. 
  • Inspect the rose bush you are considering.  Are the leaves healthy?  Do they show signs of insect or disease damage?  Are there any gashes on the canes?
  • Less-expensive choices include bagged, boxed or waxed roses with fewer healthy canes.  These roses have had their roots sheared to fit the container.  A diminished root system will take longer to become established.  The rose will not be able to take up the necessary nutrients to keep the bush in prime condition.
  • Waxed roses do not lose moisture in storage or shipping.  However, the wax often prevents the new growth from emerging.  When the wax melts in the hot sun, it can often affect the cane tissue, and hence weaken the plant.
  • To avoid problems, choose varieties that are not prone to problems.  (See Recommended Rose Listing)  Keep your roses healthy from the beginning. 

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