Growing Great Roses
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  • Choose a sunny location for your rose. 
  • To perform their best, roses need a minimum of six hours of sun per day
  • Avoid planting near trees.
  • Allow for good air circulation.

  • We have mostly heavy clay.  Since roses grow best in soil that is rich in organic matter and drains easily, you will need to create a soil blend of 1/3 good soil, 1/3 coarse sand or perlite, and 1/3 organic material such as compost or well-rotted manure.     
  • Prepare a hole of at least 18" x 18", increasing the size if you have extremely heavy clay soil.
  • The only thing you should be adding to the bottom of the hole is 1/3 cup of super-phosphate or triple-superphosphate and mixing this well into the soil.
Amending the Soil
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