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Growing Great Roses
This page was most recently updated on 3/20/2013
Prepare blend of 1/3 soil, 1/3 organic material, 1/3 coarse sand or perlite

Dig  hole a minimum of 18” wide and 18” deep.

Potted Roses:
  • Carefully remove the rose from its original container.
  • Loosen the roots around the outside of the root ball. 
  • Position the plant so that the bud union or crown (knobby part at the base of the plant) is two inches below the soil level. 
  • Back-fill the hole with the prepared soil mix
  • Water thoroughly.

Hopefully, your roses you have ordered directly from a grower will arrive with moist roots and with directions on how to plant.  Follow the directions carefully.

  • Prune any broken roots and canes
  • A 5-minute dip in a very weak solution of 10 parts water to one part bleach is suggested to kill any diseases that might be present.
  • Hydrate the rose in a large tub or bucket 4-24 hours.  Use a transplant starter solution
  • Create a "cone-shape" with the soil in the potting hole, taking care to place the plant with the knobby part a good 2 inches below the soil level.  If your roses come from a warmer area of the country the directions may indicated something different.  Follow the 2" below soil level!  Spread the roots around the periphery of the "cone". 
  • Back fill the hole with your soil mixture. 
  • Water thoroughly with the starter solution.
  • If your new rosebush has not leafed out, mound soil over the entire plant until new growth begins to appear.  Gradually, over the next week, wash the soil away.  (This step can be deleted if your new rosebush is already leafed out.)