Darlene Ertel at SetupJerry SchoenikeDonZoromski at SetupJohn Schroeder at SetupOur Setup CrewTom MarshallRegistration Crew + 1Reception FriendsBill RadlerClarence Rhodes and FriendsDiane Sommers, Conference ChairElena Williams with Arranger's Challenge MaterialEnjoying the Opening ReceptionGRITS FriendsJeff Ware and FriendsTriple Threat!Jan Groth ShoppingNorma, Jack & VirginiaDUCK!Marylou & RonMaggie BarrNorth Central Districts Friends 1North Central Districts Friends 2No Tickling!Our Guests RelaxingThe Rutkowski FamilyThe Dynamic Duo!Don Zoromski & Lynda FlemingAndyPlasz,IntroducerBob Lundberg with Challenge EntryThe Schumaker's Prep AreaPatty Schumaker PreppingIs this a Winner?Judy Schroeder PreppingPrep room #1Prep Room #2Prep Room #3Prep Room #4Prep Room #5Vern Kraus PreppingArrangers' Challenge EntriesDuchess Class of ArrangementsEarly View of the Show RoomTabulation CrewFuture Best of ShowBob & Chriss Kramer, Maggie BarrLast LookPlacement at workPhoto Entries on DisplayThey Are Already Judged!Before JudgingDoug H. & Ron F.Great JudgesNice to Meet YouLast Minute Instructions from Lois Ann HelgesonJack WalterPrejudging ConferenceBob Lundberg & Linda BurgLarry Jones & Kinda BurgRobin HoughRon F. & Bill C.Norma Booty & Rose DiestlerLook Closely, NowClerks at WorkJudges at WorkJudges at WorkMiniflora Court of HonorTop Gun WinnerNorth Central Districts Friends 3Vendor Area Vendor Area Vendor Area Vendor Area Vendor Area Vendor Area Public SymposiumNext Stop!
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